[AusNOG] Disposal of UPS battery's

Zachary Barnard zac at agile.com.au
Fri Oct 19 12:03:13 EST 2012

Local metal recyclers usually buy them for around $0.25 - $0.30/kilogram
of Lead Acid Battery - you can earn some beer money too!

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On 19/10/12 11:26 AM, "Matt Perkins" <matt at spectrum.com.au> wrote:

>I just spent the last few days trying to sort out a company to come and
>pickup up some old UPS batteries and dispose of them. (When I say a few
>i mean 1000kg of them) In the end I found after some effort a very
>useful person at century battery's that arranged for a pickup and
>disposal all free of charge.  The best 3 email's ever sent. They even
>provide some credit on your account for your next battery purchase.
>Thanks Century / Yuasa
>If anybody would like the contact to keep for a rainy day let me know.
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