[AusNOG] Pics of Google's DCs finally,.

Sean K. Finn sean.finn at ozservers.com.au
Thu Oct 18 15:13:14 EST 2012

A facility that wouldn't be located HERE by the sounds of it..



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On 18/10/12 1:20 PM, Paul Gear wrote:
> On 10/18/2012 11:37 AM, Matt Perkins wrote:
>> I recommend a large pair of bolt cutters. It snaps the drive in two 
>> in one swipe and requires more effort to lift the bolt cutters then 
>> it does to break the drive.
>> Again very therapeutic especially if the drive you are destroying 
>> just  cost you hours of work.
>> Matt
>> On 18/10/12 12:34 PM, Luke Iggleden wrote:
>>>> I've used one of the hand-operated crushers before, as well as a 
>>>> good workout it's *amazingly* cathartic.
>>> Its quite fun just using a general hammer as well, you need to learn 
>>> the 'soft' bits of the drive so you can get it in one good hit though.
> I always preferred an angle grinder, or a screwdriver to the platter 
> while the drive was powered up, but the bolt cutters do sound rather 
> good.
A few years back I was working at a facility near Alice Springs and we had a load of E220/E450's and an EMC Symmetrix to dispose of. Even though the equipment was reasonably current the cost of shipping it anywhere to be securely erased was prohibitively high so we ended up putting the lot (machines and all) through an industrial metal shredding machine at the local dump - aluminium confetti, baby! =)

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