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Kai vk6ksj at westnet.com.au
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A friend just pointed out something which I was going to ask anyway.

There are lots of people attached to congested RIM's which have fibre backhaul to the exchange, even though the exchange is good for ADSL2+ they can't get that speed or throughput because:
a) the RIM itself is congested, cards are full, etc
b) even if the RIM was handling things nicely, the backhaul is congested

Unless the RIM's and their rollout were poorly planned, wouldn't it be a fairly simple task of either:
a) replacing the optics on either end?, or
b) lighting up another wavelength?

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Realistically in my opinion given the investment into NBN that I wouldn't see a great large volume investment into ADSL2+ connectivity. I know Telstra is still running the TOPHAT program to keep people going until NBN but I wouldn't expect to see a mass outlay unless it was absolutely necessary. 

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With all the efforts focusing on 4G I wonder what advances are being made to ADSL2+ connectivity through RIM, etc ? 
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