[AusNOG] 4G advances

Tom Berryman tom at connectivityit.com.au
Tue Oct 16 17:17:46 EST 2012

Looks like the Telstra test may have been done on 3G too....

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That article amuses me. Sorry Ben.

The OPTUS mobile is using the Telstra  speedtest mirror, The Telstra mobile is using an anonymous 'SYDNEY' mirror, And the VODA mobile is using Uberglobal's mirror.

>From what I understand Voda/Hutch/3 Internet bandwidth is connected upstream to AAPT Bandwidth.

I'd hazard a guess that the speed limitations in this test weren't the mobiles, but the bottlenecks between the mobile providers, and the 'speedtest' host servers networks.

Telstra and Optus are obviously well interconnected, the non-gang-of-four side of the Internet less-so.

I *know* where the bottlenecks are around the place, but a Gentleman doesn't tell.


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