[AusNOG] Correlation between voting zones and NBN Rollout zones.

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Could someone clear something up for me?
Why would you roll the NBN out the places that in fact ALREADY have 
connectivity options (multiple options) of some sort?  xDSL etc
Wouldn't it have been more effective on the "sign up" to roll it out to 
the places that in fact don't have connectivity options, wouldn't the take 
up in those areas "look" better on paper? (I'm just guessing that the "on 
paper numbers" is all they really care about).


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On Tue, Oct 09, 2012 at 01:25:53PM +1000, Glen Greig wrote:

 > To me it looks suspiciously like those NBN areas are tending to be 
built in
 > areas of high population density like suburbs and currently avoiding 
 > like forests and farmland.
 > Looks like prudent planning to me.

I thought the same thing -- I bet all those Liberal voters living on 
top of Mount Coot-Tha will be burning up with jealousy.

The other thing worthy of mention is that the green "3" regions won't
even start planning until after the next election, and are unlikely
to be completed until the one after.  The purple "1" areas might just
squeak in before next year's election, so I guess all those billions
of ALP voters living on the airport paddock will be beside themselves
with glee.

I wonder if we can work out who produced the diagram by seeing who
lives at the red indicator next to Keparra? :)

  - markk
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