[AusNOG] SecurITon / RackCentral DC - Updated Outage Notification

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Hi Ausnoggers,

I am writing to confirm for you that our sustainability testing and
operational tests for M1 have now been completed.

Results from these tests have confirmed for us that SecurITon has a
workable plan to ensure our facility
at M1, 525 Collins ST will be able to sustain operational status during the
planned building electrical works.

During the electrical works our contractors now have a defined work plan
and procedure to follow which
will allow uninterrupted operation.

Due to the nature of the works being performed and the associated safety
hazards our facility will have a
no access policy in place between 22:00 2nd June and 06:00 3rd June. During
this time staff will be onsite
to ensure the successful operation of our facility.


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