[AusNOG] Internet Society of Australia Seeks Information on ISPs offering IPv6 in Australia

Skeeve Stevens skeeve+ausnog at eintellego.net
Thu May 17 11:16:01 EST 2012

Hey everyone,

This email is in my capacity as a Director of The Internet Society in
Australia and ISOC-AU's Service Provider Liaison.

Coming up soon on June 6th 2012, is "World IPv6 Launch Day" (
http://www.worldipv6launch.org/).  This is where many participants will be
turning on IPv6 on their main websites - and leave it on - companies such
as Facebook, Yahoo, Google and many others.

But, this is not the purpose for my email.

As Service Provider Liaison I am seeking information from Service Providers
about their IPv6 Readiness.

I specifically am interested about Hosting (Websites, etc) and Access (DSL,
etc) and who is up and running - and to what degree.

Internode, I don't need to hear from you - you guys are doing awesomely,
especially in your involvement in the above initiative, being there on the
front page, making us proud.

There are a few private websites and Universities that have registered on
the site such as Monash, Curtin, Griffith, but a lot of Unis are missing.

There are also a bunch of .au websites which are actually hosted in the
US... not really the point of what we're promoting here.

So, if you are a Service Provider, and you've made the effort on Access or
Hosting, and are actually delivering services, please email me directly and
let me know.  There will be press around this launch time, and I'd like to
be as accurate as possible about the state of IPv6 in Australia.

Thanks all for listening, I return you to your regularly scheduled
programming ;-)


Service Provider Liaison and Director of the Internet Society of Australia.

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