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Thomas Sulkiewicz TSulkiewicz at Toshiba-TAP.com
Tue May 15 15:56:01 EST 2012

We use solarwinds, to be honest I found it a bit slow and clunky, once it gets going its ok though, it just takes ages for the pages to load/render. You really need a beefy box to run it, but that's probably because ours is running netflow as well.
For bulk changes I prefer a spreadsheet, for minor changes I prefer spreadsheet.. ..actually overall I prefer a spreadsheet :)
It can do a few cool things, like monitor your DHCP scopes, tell you when an ip address was last active, and a bunch of other stuff that I never really had a chance to look into.

Thomas Sulkiewicz

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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to check if there's anyone using the following for their IP Address management (IPAM) and what do you think about it? I think it's useful to have than excel spreadsheets especially when you start doing IPv6 addressing :)

1.       BlueCat

2.       Infoblox

3.       SolarWind

4.       GestionIP (opensource) useful to have it can also do VLAN management and supports IPv6

5.       APNIC Database?

6.       Etc..

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