[AusNOG] APNIC Member and Stakeholder Survey 2012

Elly Tawhai elly at apnic.net
Mon May 14 17:05:39 EST 2012

Hi AUSNOG Community,

APNIC is currently carrying out the APNIC Survey 2012. Because members
of AUSNOG are important Internet stakeholders in the Asia Pacific
region, APNIC would greatly appreciate your feedback on its services to
the community and the development of the Internet in the Asia Pacific
region. As APNIC and the AUSNOG work together closely, the results
will also benefit the AUSNOG community.

APNIC has tailored the Survey to ensure you will not have to answer
questions on APNIC Member issues that are not relevant to you. It should
not take you longer than 10-15 minutes to complete.

Kindly take a few minutes to answer questions in the following sections:

     - Section B: APNIC outreach, training, Conferences, and IPv6

     - Section C: APNIC public information systems and Internet

You can find the survey at:


We thank you for your valuable feedback. If you have any questions,
please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Elly Tawhai

On behalf of APNIC

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