[AusNOG] Bandwidth in Phillip Island

Mike Everest ausnog at duxtel.com
Thu May 3 18:31:19 EST 2012

> Ubiquiti Nanostation/Bullets can easily get upto 15Kms without issues. TCO
> is in the hundreds.

Not without exceeding the regulatory limits for 5GHz class license! :-}

Significant care should be taken when using this equipment, and ALWAYS use the 'Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit' feature to be certain.

If both ends are more than a given distance from a population center of a defined size (15km/10000pp from memory) then you can buy a
license to operate up to 200 watts, which can deliver those kinds of rates - otherwise 7-10Km is about the limit for any usable
link, and less than 5Km for any decent rate throughputs.

Over 2-3Km, that class of equipment is fantastic value for money! (there are other brands available too, of course :-)


Regards,  Mike Everest.
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Please see NANOG49 presentation on a 50Km wireless deployment from


Happy to talk more off list as/if required.



On 3/05/12 5:55 PM, "Adam Nock" <Adam.Nock at amcom.com.au> wrote:

>Laser maybe? 
>Havent used it or ever seen it used, but this:
>Promises 10Mbit at 6km.
>Don't consider this an endorsement though. I was just bored and googling
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>On Thu, May 03, 2012 at 05:23:49PM +1000, Martin Visser wrote:
> > Probably a long shot (literally) but it only looks to be around 6km
>across  > the water to the mainland. If you have line-of-sight, and can
>find a a  > friendly patron, you might be able to get a 802.11 type of
>point-to-point  > bridge setup for not a lot of money (connecting to
>land-line based service).
>Over-water shots are problematic (microwaves reflect off ripples on the
>water, leading to pretty extreme unreliability, packet loss, etc)
>You'll need very tall masts and a lot of output power.
> > Hardware can be had for less than a few hundred dollars at each end.
>Probably not for the output power you'd need (I suspect you'd be into the
>territory of needing a spectrum license, which makes the equipment
>pricier too)
>  - mark
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