[AusNOG] Urgent- cisco rollover cable brisbane

jason andrade jason at pobox.com
Tue Jan 17 09:33:50 EST 2012

On Mon, 16 Jan 2012, Damien Luke wrote:

> switch to do a change and didn't recall upgrading.  One of my biggest gripes
> about data centres is how poor 3G reception is (Yes, I know why, I just
> don't want to sit outside the DC at 4am waiting for drivers to download).

I know a number of University datacentres have addressed this by getting
microcells put in by $CARRIER of the university's choice of providers.[1]

I would be suprised if commercial DCs aren't doing this already or have
plans to do so - unless one of the commercials might want to weigh in
on RF or security issues with this ?



[1] Nothing quite as surreal as needing two people to fix something
     where one of them stands where you can get cell reception but still
     in yelling/visual distance of the person in front of the rack so you
     can talk to an engineer on the phone and yell out what needs to be done
     to the person keystroking...

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