[AusNOG] Assistance with an PWR-UC500-220W in South Australia

Peter Adkins peter.adkins at kernelpicnic.net
Wed Feb 29 10:48:00 EST 2012

Hi all,

A bit of a strange request, but does anyone in or around SA have a
PWR-UC500-220W that we could borrow for a day or so?

We've got an unhappy device that has been RMA'd with Cisco, however,
the replacement has not included a power brick. As this is a once off
configuration and on-site swap, paying a few hundred dollars for a new
PSU is not really an acceptable solution (as these go for around $400
via ED).

We're willing to pay in beer, or cash, if someone is able to help us out.

Replies off-list welcome.

Peter Adkins

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