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Thank you very much for reply response of Mr. Greg.

APNIC is presently doing excellent job and the credit goes to past & present EC Members and APNIC Secretariat. I think, APNIC has done a lot on extending services on general awareness of Internet and Internet Governance. I intend to contribute the Community in my following ways:-

1)       IPv6 Deployment Management---Require active promotion, education, outreach & support. This has been talked a lot in Asian economies but implementation percentage is quite low. This was also highlighted in Members Survey Report-2011.

2)      Training---Require active strategy for multi-language, localized training with extended Helpline.
Both the above point requires to be addressed differently at Asian economies after considering the local, geographical, technical and regional issues. I belong to technical and education domain and intend to volunteer my experience & services in developing strategies and monitoring effective & speedy implementation of above.

I am comparative new to APNIC family, however keen observer of its complete functioning. I am also admirer of APNIC, which is delivering so much value to Community and working with Global Community with openness and co-operation. I have discussed my above views with various APNIC members and ISPs of India and they have given me full individual support, however I will like to clarify that I am not the official declared nominee of ISPAI and NIXI.

If you think, I can contribute to APNIC community, then kindly support me.

Warm regards.

Dr JS Sodhi

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Dr Sodhi,
Perhaps you can outline where you feel the previous & current EC's has been lacking in aiding the growth of India's emerging internet economy. Do you feel India (and other Asian economies) has had unfair access to resources, promotion & training through APNIC due to not having representation on the EC?

Could you identify these specific upcoming 'significant issues' you feel need to be addressed by the EC & you view on how they would best be resolved?

Also if you could highlight what other initiatives you wish to promote within the EC for the betterment of the community as a whole?

I'm sure the community would be appreciative of hearing your views and as one of Australasia's largest corporate voters, I really wouldn't mind hearing them aired for the rest of the NZ/AUS community so they can support (or not) your election to the APNIC EC?

Kindest Regards

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Greg Soffe

Manager Telecom Internet Registry
Network & Security Operations

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Hi All,

I thank Skeeve and humbly accept & respect his frank individual opinion.

India is emerging as growing market and same is case with other countries of South Asia and South East Asia. There are several significance issues of this area which needs attention and importance at apex body level of APNIC. I do not have any doubt in saying that today developing economies like India and other South Asian Countries need full support on technologies and products from big brothers - China, Japan, Korea, Australia & New Zealand. I strongly hope & wish that I will be able to facilitate a bridge from this unrepresented region at APNIC EC.

APNIC is an open, membership-based, not-for-profit, one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) charged with ensuring the fair distribution and responsible management to promote the growth of the Internet. The fair distribution and representation of all regions in APNIC EC will help achieving this objective under mutual co-operation brotherhood.

I am from Internet industry from a long time and was instrumental in various network projects and worked at ground level. I have also been working actively on policy related matters at National level. I am unanimous nominee for APNIC EC from my country apex body ISP Association of India and NIXI.

I thank to all who agree with my above opinion and given support and apologize to members, who got annoyed with my mail thread. I volunteer myself with honesty, sincerity, humility & dedication and hope that with your support, I can bring the views of our region for prospective growth of Internet for all regions.

Warm regards.

Dr JS Sodhi

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Hey there all,

I have spoken to Mr. Sodhi off-list and asked him a couple of things and told him a few others, and it seems as though he has never attended an APNIC meeting.

Now while this is not a requirement, it certainly speaks to anyones suitability for a position on the EC.

I am concerned by his comments on his election profile @ http://meetings.apnic.net/33/elections/dr-js-sodhi where his motivation is to 'represent India in the APNIC Executive Council'.

Unfortunately that is not what serving on the EC is all about.  It is about serving all 50+ economies in the region and not just representing the interests of your home economy.  Indeed if you home economy goes against the overall community, then you should be looking out for everyone - not your home country.

This goes for everyone, not Mr. Sodhi.  It also goes for the other candidates: Prof Yan (China), Mr Akinori (Japan) and Mr Cheng (Hong Kong) - all three who I know value the overall community above their own home country interests.

Serving on the EC is something someone should aspire to after a reasonable number of years serving and participating in the APNIC community in different capacities including Policy, partaking in SIGs, getting to know people - basically contributing to the APNIC community in some way.

I am not singling out Mr. Sodhi.  I would say the same about a candidate from Australia, NZ or any other country in our region who has not 'done their time' in service to the community.

A note to APNIC members on this list - and there are MANY of them.  PLEASE vote.  You are able to vote online @ https://myapnic.net but you will need your digital certificate (easy to request).  Online voting is available for the next couple of days.  If you do not know who to vote for, feel free to assign me as your proxy.  I am headed off to India in the morning for the conference.


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On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 19:51, J.S. Sodhi <jssodhi at akcgroup.com<mailto:jssodhi at akcgroup.com>> wrote:
Dear APNIC Member,

APNIC is an Asia Pacific body actively involved in development of Internet Infrastructure throughout the region. I have been nominated as candidate in the forthcoming election for APNIC Executive Council. (http://meetings.apnic.net/33/elections#nominees)
I have 20 years of professional experience at cross functional arenas including IT Management, LAN/WAN Management, Systems set-up, Technology Administration, Consolidation, Standardization and IT Project Management. I am Doctorate in Information Security and voluntary served as member of various National & International reputed Bodies. I lead the team to successfully execute various Projects and won laurels & awards and recognition at National & International level.  I am keen to voluntary contribute as APNIC EC Member during present challenge time of IPv4 exhaustion and Internet Governance. I strongly feel that my experience on Business Process Design and Solution, IT Strategies, IT Polices and Monitoring process will definitely contribute in achieving aims & objectives of APNIC and help IPv6 adoption project.
Kindly Vote/advise your Corporate Contact to Vote for APNIC EC in my favour . Authorized Corporate contact can vote online using MyAPNIC account<https://myapnic.net/AMITY-IN/voting/cast.html?category=ec> between 15th Feb.2012 to 29th Feb.,2012. There are 4 nominations for 3 positions of EC. Since, top 3 Vote positions will win, it will be better, if Corporate Contact Votes only in my favour with the maximum number of your allowed votes.

Warm regards.

Dr. JS Sodhi

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