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its difficult to litigate against gremlins. Well, at least, I’ve never seen one take the stand.
The same can’t be said for corporations.. ..especially if they say sorry.

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Maybe I expect too much, but...

I wish the news would report more along the lines of what Aaron said, instead of saying that Telstras international link "stopped processing requests." Maybe not quite as technically detailed, but at least an accurate account.

Regarding a *hardware* failure on a *Cisco* border router somehow causing the breakage... How does a *hardware* failure somehow cause this (unless it just happens to be a perfect storm of configuration corruption), and for what purpose does dropping a vendor name achieve anything? Do vendors really sit back and let the reputation of their gear be tarnished by some epically fail disaster PR?

Is it really necessary to dumb it down to the lowest conceivable level? To me it just seems that if journos report this kind of stuff, the general public then thinks thats what *actually* happened (some probably literally), and you havent really informed anyone or made anyone any wiser or smarter.

I guess it really is just easier to blame it on some gremlins than to admit some people cocked up (big time) and there is actually someone to blame, and I do expect too much. :-)

On 23 February 2012 23:58, Aaron Swayn <aaron at swayn.com<mailto:aaron at swayn.com>> wrote:
From what I understand is the BGP interface between Telstra AUS (AS1221) and Reach aka Telstra worldwide (AS4637) went down because….

Dodo advertised 390k prefixes to Telstra, which they accepted.
Telstra then advertised the 390k prefixes to Reach
Reach, correctly assuming that Telstra should never have this many routes and shut down BGP due to ‘max-prefixes’ being breached.
This causes much route flapping and some ISPs with route dampening, did just that to AS1221 prefixes to prevent CPU overload (Telstra advertise normally something like 800+ prefixes, or something around that number)

Telstra should have had a max-prefix in place on the Dodo peer to protect from this (although should be filtered correctly to protect its own customer base, but to what level is debatable. But as Dodo is not a Teir 1 carrier, I don’t think they should be that relaxed in the peering configuration IMHO. Only 3 carriers are Tier 1 in Australia and only they should be that relaxed to allow all prefixes. It seems Reach however doesn’t trust Telstra though).
Reach did the right thing, as they are one of the few true global Tier 1 peering provider. Hence, Reach never expects to see the internet come from Telstra, only domestic routes which Telstra peers with.

I’m sure the Instructor lead training courses for CCNP and BGP will talk about this incident for the next 20 years on what not to do. I seem to recall one comment “You don’t want to become famous, so always check what you’re doing before you interface with the internet”.

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Telstra claims they had an international link down:


If that happened at the same time as DODO incorrectly sending Telstra the full BGP table, could that explain why Telstra black-holed all-routes plus pumped all of it's own traffic via dodo?
On 24 February 2012 10:02, Wade Millican <Wade.Millican at echoent.com.au<mailto:Wade.Millican at echoent.com.au>> wrote:
Hi All,

What I'm yet to understand about this outage is why DODO's AS_PATH was seen as shorter than anything Telstra already had.

An earlier posted look at routes(below), thanks Gavin, shows all routes from Telstra taking hops to DODO, then Optus or PIPE before moving to the destination. Surely Telstra would have had better routes than pushing all traffic 2 hops out of it's way.

AS_PATH does not explain how Telstra accepted these as the active routes. Even if all routes were accepted, Telstra still has better routes.

Can anyone explain what BGP Metric was modified/used that pushed traffic over longer AS_PATHs?

*><>         100     80      0 1221 38285 7474 7473 55410 45528 i

*><>         100     80      0 1221 38285 7474 7473 55410 45528 i

*><>         100     80      0 1221 38285 7474 7473 55410 45528 i

*><>         100     80      0 1221 38285 7474 7473 6453 4755 45528 i

*><>         100     80      0 1221 38285 7474 7473 6453 4755 45528 i


*<>         100     80      0 1221 38285 18398 7545 7545 i


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Yes, this reinforces the Rule of Trust. Don’t trust your BGP peers and ensure your filters are in place, configured correctly and working, you can’t transfer blame.
It can cost you big $$ and pain if you inadvertently turn yourself into a transit peer because your upstreams may prefer to send traffic where they can make $$ from.

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It’s easy to describe for all the media types watching..
(And I’m not sure why its not being put out there in Laymans terms).

From the routes seen at various points, and reported on the WAIX mailing list earlier..

Dodo told Telstra that Dodo was the rest of the Internet.

Telstra Believed Dodo.

Telstra entire system tried to use DODO as their ISP instead of everyone else Telstra is connected to.

Needless to say this didn’t work, the pipes got Jammed.

Telstra should have filtered the announcement from Dodo, butdidn’t.

Filtering is in place as a form of control (which is used instead of trust).

Filtering obviously wasn’t in place, or didn’t work, so anything that Dodo told Telstra about where to find the Internet, Telstra believed.

This happens quite often, I’ve heard of this happening on peering exchanges within Australia, too. Just never at an organizational level as big as Telstra.

Over and Out.

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