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Probably Homeplug/IEEE 1901.
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Hey all,

Re: http://media.netcomm.com.au/public/assets/pdf_file/0012/89886/NP504-Spec-Sheet.pdf

Does anyone know conceptually how these things work?

At home I have hard core walls where wireless is practically useless, so a while ago I installed the 100mb version of the Netcomm power line devices.  My life has been happy every since, albeit at 100mb - which is a bit poopie.

I will be buying the above to get more speed to the server I access at home which isn't in my office, but…. I wanted to know if anyone understood HOW these things actually work.

In an ethernet environment you have a cable, it speed is dedicated to that cable.

But these devices are not point-to-point - but maybe they communicate that way?. At home I have them in 4 different rooms, and they all talk to the server… but I don't know how, or, most importantly, how well these units operate.

If these new devices are 500Mbps - what does that mean.  Does it mean on a point-to-point link with only two of them, it is 500Mbps.  What happens when you add a third, fourth or fifth unit.

So… (A) being the main unit in the lounge with the server attached, and (B) being home office 1, (C) being home office 2 and (D) being bedroom (we have a Boxee box! ;-)

I guess the question is, what is the speed when B,C,D are all talking to A, and what is happening is A and B are talking and C and D are talking - do they 'interfere' with each other?  

If they are on the same power circuit, using the same 'frequency' (I don't know what it is called) - or is it like wireless - with channels or… ok, I am doing my head in.

I'm really interested to know how these work, because I could see them being useful in that running 500Mbps for up to 200m could be a very interesting last ditch, or interim solution in the right situation.

I am sure people here have had some experience with these kinds of things.  They claim they 'just work' and given I have 4 of the units at home with never a single problem or bit of config done, I can attest to that.

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