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On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 8:37 AM, Skeeve Stevens <
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> Does anyone know conceptually how these things work?

it can only ever be CSMA/CD, since its a bus.
more devices = the slower it is for everyone.

> At home I have hard core walls where wireless is practically useless

really?  higher-power wifi, e.g. 100mW transmitter and a true MIMO antenna
setup should be just fine through a few of these.  e.g. look at the apple
airport express with a 3:3x3 antenna setup.

I will be buying the above to get more speed to the server I access at home
> which isn't in my office, but…. I wanted to know if anyone understood HOW
> these things actually work.

as the data sheet for it states its IEEE 1901. you could of course just
download the spec yourself.
a trivial search finds it...

G.hn which i think Paul talked about a few AusNOGs ago is superior
technology at a lower price point.


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