[AusNOG] APNIC 33 Fast Approaching - Be involved in the policy development process!

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Dear Colleagues,

APNIC 33 in New Delhi is fast approaching.

I want to start by saying "GET INVOLVED!".  The APNIC policy development
process is a consensus based one that is open, transparent and bottom-up.

I encourage all members of the Internet community and those with a specific
interest in policy relating to IP addressing, to join in the discussion.

For more information on the policies being presented, the process and how
to get involved, please visit: http://meetings.apnic.net/33/policy

At APNIC 33 we have the following policies scheduled to be discussed in New
Delhi on the 1st of March 2012 (09:00- 15:30 (UTC+ 5:30))


prop-098-v002: Optimizing IPv6 allocation strategies (simplified)

prop-099-v002: IPv6 Reservation for Large Networks

prop-101-v001: Removing multihoming requirement for IPv6 portable

prop-102-v001: Sparse Allocation guidelines for IPv6 resource allocations


If you have any comments, opinions, questions about any of the above
policies, please join in at the mailing-list for SIG-POLICY @

If you would like the review the current policy discussion threads, please
visit: http://mailman.apnic.net/mailing-lists/sig-policy/index.shtml

APNIC Policy SIG Chairs

Andy Linton, Skeeve Stevens, and Masato Yamanishi

More information


APNIC's policy development process is explained at:


View current and past policy proposals at:


Learn more about APNIC 33 at:


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