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I can never figure out how Telstra can get away with the whole Zone concept when all it needs for a Zone2/3 to turn into a Zone 1 is a competitive carrier in the exchange. And its at least $5.00 above the going rate anyway.


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Perhaps the mailing list is running slow this morning - I would have thought there would be lots of traffic on this announcement:


ACCC declares wholesale ADSL, commences related processes

The ACCC has today 'declared' the wholesale ADSL service under section 152AL of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. The ACCC considers that this will promote the long-term interests of end-users of fixed-line broadband internet services throughout Australia.

Telstra currently retains dominant positions in the markets for both retail and wholesale fixed-line broadband services. Despite the deployment of competitive broadband infrastructure in some areas over the past decade, competition in the supply of ADSL services is not effective.

Declaration will remove impediments to competitive internet service providers gaining access to Telstra's national ADSL network on efficient terms in order to supply retail services, including to around 11 per cent of premises where Telstra's network architecture has prevented competitors from using their own infrastructure.

The ACCC has also commenced an inquiry into the making of a final access determination for the wholesale ADSL service. This inquiry will consider (among other things):
*         the appropriate structure and level of pricing for the wholesale ADSL service
*         which terms of access should be addressed in the final access determination, and how these terms should be addressed
*         whether the final access determination should limit the application of the declaration to certain providers or to certain geographic regions.

Given that the final access determination inquiry is unlikely to conclude within 6 months, the ACCC was legislatively required to make an interim access determination for the service. The interim determination made today sets out terms and conditions of access for the next 12 months.

The interim access determination sets the following key price terms for the monthly per-user access charge and the monthly charge for data aggregation (which relates to data usage):

Interim prices for wholesale ADSL services

Monthly charge per end-user in Zone 1(predominantly CBD and metropolitan areas)


Monthly charge per end-user in Zone 2/3(predominantly regional and rural areas)


Monthly charge per Aggregating Virtual Circuit or Virtual LAN acquired in connection with wholesale ADSL

To 30 June 2012: $45.50 per Mbps

>From 1 July 2012: $33.65 per Mbps

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