[AusNOG] Wireless Point to Point service inner Melbourne

Thomas Jackson thomas at thomax.com.au
Thu Aug 30 08:57:41 EST 2012

Before you get too excited about wireless, jump up on the roof and make sure
that you have a clear line of sight to the other property (before someone
says it, yes I know LOS isn't strictly needed, but it is a good simple

If you do, it is very easy to set up either with the Ubiquiti equipment that
Jared suggested or the Mikrotik equipment - I've used both with success.

Speak to Freenet Antennas[0] about Ubiquiti gear and Duxtel[1] about
Mikrotik gear - both companies have helped me in the past. Start with the
Freenet website, it has a lot of information about planning and building

[0] http://nuke.freenet-antennas.com.au/
[1] http://shop.duxtel.com.au/

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Evening Noggers,

I have a bunch of equipment at a small secure location in Port Melb which I
want to connect with our DC in Port Melb, preferably over a wireless
Alternatively we could connect to our DCs in the City on Collins or King

The system uploads images into our platform, currently via ADSL which is
delivering about 5MBps (upstream).

We want to take that upload to somewhere between 30 – 100MBps so the content
can be uploaded quickly and more efficiently.

Latency is not really an issue as content can be uploaded via robot

I am looking for technology solutions which may be able to assist with
delivering a same suburb wireless data transfer without ripping a large hole
in my budget.

We have roof-top access.

If you can help or have any ideas, replies off-list would be great.

Many thanks,



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