[AusNOG] FW: Going and Promoting Green in ICT

Burt Mascareigne burt at prioritycomputer.com.au
Tue Apr 24 16:29:50 EST 2012

Would it be fair to say, that by pushing everything to cloud, it would contribute to “Sustainability”.

I mean, in considerations,  the fact “everything” is going to the cloud, there’s no more need for “uber” powerful PCs, just little SFF PCs work great for our clients.

The VPS we provide are also sustainable, I think, 1 really powerful, hi energy / carbon Server, that will serve 20-30 companies is definitely “sustainable”.

We do push this as one “aspect” however, to be brutally honest, client don’t really care.  “Can it handle my E-Mails?” “Can I access my files anywhere” blah blah.

Again, I don’t specifically recall any clients asking anything about “Sustainability”.

This is from the point of view of medium size businesses and corps.

Even for the big guys, when I decide if I’m buying a Cisco or Juniper,  again, tbh, “Sustainability” is not really on my mind.

Burt Mascareigne

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Hi All

I am currently doing some research into Sustainability in the ICT sector and was wondering whether you have any strategies in place to promote sustainability, whether the environment plays a role in influencing your decision making during purchases of equipment or infrastructure builds. Doing a simple web search has highlighted many sites with dedicated content with some good ideas towards going green in ICT.

Is there anything you could share from your past, current or future initiatives in this area?
Any contributions from quick wins to longer term goals and how to measure the benefits would be greatly appreciated.


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