[AusNOG] Best carrier for bandwidth AU (Sydney) <-> USA (LA)

James Troy james.troy at intralot.com.au
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Failing all 'direct link' principals, I would suggest something like Akamai. My past experience with this when dealing with a SaaS solution hosted in Melbourne, AU, accessed from London, UK. It increased load times significantly.


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Hi Noggers,

We're in the process of scoping out a new internet link to support an application hosted out of the USA. We currently do not have the luxury of moving the application on shore, so need to make the best of the situation we can.

I'm looking for suggestions and experiences of which carrier can provide the lowest latency / least contended connection to the USA (LA) from AU (Syd).

We currently have a Telstra link, which we're in the process of bumping up to a higher speed, however we've tested at times of low utilisation on the link itself and traffic to  the US seems to be "spikey" and generally too slow regardless of our links utilisation.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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