[AusNOG] ISP pricing in the NBN world

Matthew Moyle-Croft mmc at mmc.com.au
Tue Apr 17 00:36:48 EST 2012

On 17/04/2012, at 12:00 AM, Paul Brooks wrote:

> On 16/04/2012 8:36 PM, Matthew Moyle-Croft wrote:
>> Interestingly, I'll point out what Apple have done with iMessage to avoid SMS tolls.  (Mainly to serve the US market which SMS is often not included in the plans).  Suddenly everyone who has iOS5 don't spend money on SMS, which, is  a good thing considering SMS is an outrageous way of paying for bits.   Admittedly it's Apple only (Android users froth here) but it shows that the value is probably not voice.  
> I'm amazed at the number of people who think iMessage is something new or remarkable -
> like Yahoo IM, MSN Messenger, Google Messenger, Skype IM or even Jabber never existed.
> Yet Another IM app, only this one runs on apple phones. Sending data messages to a
> closed user group to bypass carrier messaging - whodathunkit.

The point is:

1) It's built into the device
2) does not require any other app or user intervention.  Just works.  Instead of SMS, it sends via iMessage where it can and uses WIFI so you don't even use data on your mobile plan
3) uses an existing identifier (phone number).

My Dad uses it.  My mother-in-law uses it.  Just works for them.  No change in behaviour or extra layer of complexity, no unique new identifer
_That_ is what Apple have done here Paul - none of the above did that.


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