[AusNOG] ISP pricing in the NBN world

Mark Newton newton at atdot.dotat.org
Mon Apr 16 19:37:13 EST 2012

On 16/04/2012, at 6:41 PM, Dobbins, Roland wrote:

> On Apr 16, 2012, at 2:49 PM, Mark Newton wrote:
>> It's obvious that there's *currently* a tidy market for voice telephony, and I can't *currently* rush out and buy a SIP handset with a built in Skype client and least cost routing engine.
> Does an Android phone with Skype, one of any number of SIP clients, and DroidWall qualify?

Do they have least-cost-routing engines?

Not much point having a built-in Skype client if you need to think about it
to use it.

I want to tell the phone, "Here are my ways and means of reaching out to
other people. I don't care which one you use because they all deliver the
same result, just give me whichever one is cheapest for this one call."

I'm imagining a service that aggregates the billing policies from a large
number of carriers and provides subscription access to XML files which
my phone can download to automate its path selection algorithm.  I'd
pay for that if it saved me more in phone bills than the cost of the

(then let competing subscription services make it cheaper again; and watch
whichever service provider happens to be most expensive lose chunks of its

The process for making a call would be the same as it is on any other phone,
it'd just mean that an ever-increasing amount of my telephony would be free.

  - mark

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