[AusNOG] M2 buy Primus

Mark Newton newton at atdot.dotat.org
Mon Apr 16 15:59:06 EST 2012

On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 03:47:11PM +1000, Rod Veith wrote:

 > This view is too simplistic and has no appreciation of the perceived and
 > real value of services being provided by the NBN bandwidth.

"Services being provided by the NBN bandwidth" is not the same
as "Services being provided by NBN RSPs."

 > Why should a
 > phone call and a viewing of a youtube video have the same intrinsic value
 > just because they both used 9.435 MB of data?

Value is in the eye of the beholder.

Price is in the eye of the service provider.

They're not the same thing, although service providers have a very
strong interest in treating them as if they are so that the beholder
will pay the toll :)

 > NBN is more than just moving bits around at a faster speed.

The NBN is about moving bits around ubiquitously.

Everything else is application-layer.

It's funny that ISPs who run voice networks and who see dollars
in voice over the NBN are trying to believe differently, even 
though they're the same people who introduced the notion of a
SIP ATA to the marketplace, thereby enabling end users to choose
from a multitude of different voice billing models.

Take the ATA concept and apply it to everything else.  Everything
a service provider can possibly do, up to and including bit transport,
is a commodity.

  - mark

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