[AusNOG] M2 buy Primus

Mark Delany g2x at juliet.emu.st
Mon Apr 16 15:01:30 EST 2012

On 16Apr12, Jake Anderson allegedly wrote:

> Separating voice calls for your "carrier" is going to be too much
> for most to handle, and barring some sort of govt lead service a
> PSTN phone number will be required for most people to make voice

I think you are right about carriers wishing to "manage perceptions"
so that folk will still see some value in buying a "PSTN" service in
an NBN world, but

> calls, not everybody has or wants skype/other private option.

This is a pretty artifical distinction isn't it? Won't all calls be
carried by the same technology?

> So should the govt/NBNco provide some kind of broker service?
> Essentially providing a pathway to make all NBN > NBN voice calls
> free and providing a "simple" method for number portability.

If carriers try to charge for VOIP bits they don't need to carry, then

In the end, PSTN will be a discovery service so carriers can
reasonably charge for registration and a directory lookup (aka
flagfall) but since you and I will pay for the traffic, all per-minute
charges will be nothing less than gouging.


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