[AusNOG] Preparing 100s of routers for resale

Eric Pinkerton Eric.Pinkerton at stratsec.net
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I would approach this from two angles..

1) Wipe the devices (perhaps set up an expect script to wait for a console connection, and clear config all, remove any residual files, crash dumps etc, and if it makes sense write and remove some large random files to frustrate recovery attempts - make sure you log everything to an output file and work out how to tie the log to the physical device, or print out a hard report and attach it to the device, so you can audit this later to confirm that the process was successful, as you might find for example some devices simply won't boot and will need manual work - this info will also be of use when you come to resell)

2)Ensure that any info that could be recovered from the devices is obsolete anyway, ie making sure that all passwords, snmp communities etc are changed internally (although it sounds like this is not your responsibility in this case, the company hiring a third party to do this work would be strongly advised to do this beforehand.)


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Hi there,

We've recently been contracted to receive hundreds of catalyst 3550 and 3750 switches that are being decommissioned.

Is there a way to quickly reset the nvram and sensitive information from flash?

Most of these will be resold, so they can't be left containing private information.


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