[AusNOG] Telstra, Optus and Primus filtering

Eric Pinkerton Eric.Pinkerton at stratsec.net
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This is old news really, some ISP's agreed months ago in principal to filter a defined subset of the ACMA list (or equivalent such as the IWF lists), that are limited to CP rather than Refused Classification material.  In short nothing that shouldn't be blocked anyway as is the model in the UK.

My guess it is will  probably work via DNS, and as such would be trivial to circumvent, though there would be no real legit reason to do so because it would likely be open to the ISP's involved for scrutiny, and as such would be unlikely to survive the sneaky addition of copyright, euthanasia, drug info, soft core, political material etc that made the other proposed plan so distasteful.

If it's a success, then hopefully it will be a nail in the other filters coffin, I'm not holding my breath though. 

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Hi Guys,

seems to state that the above mentioned ISP's plan to start filtering based on the Goverments proposed filter list, does anyone know how this is going to be achieved? The article suggests that only the domain names would be blocked (assuming their DNS servers simply won't respond to those records), if this is not the case, will this effect only their retail customers, or will transit customers be effected as well?

If anyone has some info to share on this, please do.


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