[AusNOG] So ICANN approved generic TLDs

Julian DeMarchi julian at jdcomputers.com.au
Wed Jun 22 09:18:30 EST 2011

> Overlooking the amount, I think a flat fee was a mistake. That basically
> means that companies+ in poorer parts of the world are going to be
> excluded from purchasing because the real cost to them is so much more
> for them than in 1st world countries. Then again, with all the
> continuing GFC shenanigans, all the world currencies might be far more
> equal in the near future - even ours. It's a bit hard to believe that
> China isn't going to suffer from an economic downturn caused by excess
> housing when you look at these slides of cities full of nobody.

ICANN actually has put aside funds to assist the least fortunate.[0] The
link provided should provide some clarity.

Setting up a registry is a complex process, but very doable. There are
great OSS software available and I have assisted two African countries
get the software installed.


0 -

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