[AusNOG] Melbourne - DC Space? [ NEXTDC response ]

Bevan Slattery Bevan.Slattery at nextdc.com
Sun Jun 19 18:50:35 EST 2011

Hi Ryan,

<shameless plug>

-       NEXTDC is launching our new Melbourne DC ‘M1’ in Nov/Dec this year.

-       Melbourne first major independent DC

-       17,000m building

-       6,000m of IT floor space @ 2,000w/m (6 x 1000m data halls each with separate 3m outer maintenance corridor making 7,800m of raised floor)

-       8,000m of plant area (yes 8,000m of plant)

-       12MW+ of critical IT load (22.5MVA from the street)

-       3 diverse 16 x P100 facility installed and operated carrier ducts (each 8 conduits in lockable manholes with electronic monitoring)

-       13 x 1.85MVA Piller DRUPS in ISO Parallel configuration (I think first in Asia) 6 day 1.

-       N+1 2.8MW chillers (3 day 1)

-       Tier 3+

-       Each hall is a separate concrete bunker and is able to be ASIO T4 rated if “big” customers require (additional cost)

-       Expect Telstra, Optus/UeComm, PIPE, Primus, AAPT, Vocus fibre on day 1.  Expect PIPE and WAIX peering day 1

-       Dual secure loading dock area, dual separate secure unpacking area, dual separate secure storage area, numerous large secure staging areas

-       Hot aisle contained (standard)

-       Massive awesomeness

-       Strong desire to get a VIC-20 or Commodore 64 and Apple 2/e in the client breakout room :)

We were fitting out the first 2,000m day 1, however we have already decided to fit out the third hall too (overall initial 3,000m and 6MW of IT load).

Quick sneak peak of the lobby (early render and some details weren’t included and will change).  http://www.nextdc.com/blog/99-m1-sneak-peek.html
Quick fly through done a few months ago from our earlier REVIT model http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=VpZW_BqGftE

A lot has changed since then and we will start to show some more video’s from our 3D REVIT models.

Serious, serious Cloud Centre™

</shameless plug>


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What would the group recommend for DC space within Melbourne?


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