[AusNOG] Melbourne - DC Space?

Ryan Finnesey ryan.finnesey at HarrierInvestments.com
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I am still working out a lot of the details, I know we are going to require transit from  Optus , Verizon and Telstra.  Peering options are also very important.  We are looking at  Melbourne for a secondary location to Sydney.  The install will mostly be HP Blades and NetApp storage, around 6 racks.  I understand space is very tight in Melbourne so we may lease additional space for growth.  Sorry I do not have much more details at this time.






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On 18/06/2011, at 8:20 PM, Greg Lipschitz wrote:

Do you need CBD or outer burbs and what connectivity do you need?


CBD - Crockford St (Vocus), City Rd (Datacom), King St (Primus), North Melbourne (Soul) and a half a doz more


Outer burbs - Kilsyth (Micron21), Mitcham (the name has slipped the memory) 


Mitcham is EDC Melbourne


Hope that helps. 



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On 18/06/2011, at 19:27, "Ryan Finnesey" <ryan.finnesey at HarrierInvestments.com> wrote:

	What would the group recommend for DC space within Melbourne?





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