[AusNOG] lulzsec releases 62k user/pass combos (~265 au)

Matt Carter matt at iseek.com.au
Fri Jun 17 10:50:27 EST 2011

Somewhat surprised this hasn't made an appearance on the list, so here goes.

For those that haven't been watching the current "lulzsec" situation unfolding play by play, the latest release involves some 62,000 user/pass combos, with an unclear origin. I thought this may be relevant to our industry.  Many user/pass combos as we know are re-used as-is or with minor derivative at other locations and there has already been a reasonable amount of carnage you could say, takeovers of wow logins, dating sites, facebook, twitter, paypal, amazon, gmail, just to name a few.

And as always, LulzSec delivers: http://t.co/yQlcu5x 62,000+ emails/passwords just for you. Enjoy.
11 hours ago

Thanks for the support. I've reuploaded those 62,000 passwords from earlier: http://t.co/7oThkuN - might still be good for plundering? #fun
2 hours ago

I guess I'll just put my hand up here and say hey, if any of these .au look familiar to you, you may want to check the credentials aren't being reused elsewhere and now in the public domain.. A quick check shows ~265 combos with .au suffixes.. I dare say the list won't remain online for long at its current URL if it doesn't work when you read this email, so you might have to do a bit of looking..

At the very least, it's a very interesting "watch this space" . Certainly some discussion to be had on white hats keeping their kit patched & secure etc and what appear to me be many breaches predominately resulting from systemic problems of basic security practices not being followed at the highest levels for long periods of time.




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