[AusNOG] Android storing SSID and WPA encryption keys

Andrew E edo at ohlawd.net
Thu Jun 16 20:48:22 EST 2011

I just purchased a Motorola Xoom tablet over the weekend and noticed this
option in the settings somewhere (backup settings or similar - sync program
settings, wifi configurations, etc...). While you can sync your wifi
settings with Google, as far as I can tell it's something that you have to
enable manually (my Xoom came with this option disabled by default).

The options make it pretty clear it'll sync your wifi settings with Google.
It's a bit concerning since the negative implications outweigh the

This is obviously with honeycomb only - my Android 2.3 phone has no such
option. And if it did, when I entered my Google account info into my Xoom
one would have expected it to auto-connect my home wifi like the article
suggests - which it didn't (since I had already sync'd with Google over 3g)

- Andrew Edington.

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Please tell me this isn't true...  Can any Android users confirm?


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