[AusNOG] Android storing SSID and WPA encryption keys

Peter Tiggerdine ptiggerdine at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 20:20:20 EST 2011

> I set up my Google account on the device, and then realized I had no
> network connection. My first response was to connect to our corporate public
> network connection - but we just moved offices and I did not know the WPA2
> key off the top of my head. Instead, I pulled out my Virgin Mobile Mi-Fi
> 2200 personal hotspot and turned it on. I searched around Honeycomb looking
> for the control panel to select the hotspot and enter the encryption key. To
> my surprise, I found that the Eee Pad had already found the Virgin hotspot,
> and successfully attached to it. I literally questioned myself, wondering if
> I had simply already attached to the hotspot from the Eee Pad and forgotten
> about it. But that was not the case.

I'm really tired, but if the above event are correct, the device didn't have
a network connection to download the so called list of encryption keys
before he added his google account and the mifi. Unless android is able to
download from the cloud from thin air I'm making the call that this is bs.

the simple answer is that his mi-fi didn't have a encryption key in the
first place, hence it connected automatically.

Again, being a long day, I don't see how.


Peter Tiggerdine.

P.S VMWare distributed switch blows hard.

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 5:49 PM, <roland at chan.id.au> wrote:

> Don't see why it's can't be true, my Blackberry does it (it syncs load of
> stuff back to the server, including nice things like my speed dial config).
> Can't turn it off.
> I like it, but then again I know it's there, and the BES and my phone are
> controlled by my employers.
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> Please tell me this isn't true...  Can any Android users confirm?
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