[AusNOG] 2Wire Modems on Telstra DSL tails - problem?

Skeeve Stevens Skeeve at eintellego.net
Wed Jun 8 11:47:35 EST 2011

Hey John,

We've been having a few sites (all with 2Wire) over the last 2 weeks locking up… but in the last couple of days the numbers are growing… with 4 Friday, another 4 over the weekend, and 4 yesterday.

I'm just worried about this pattern, they are are all 2Wire routers (we have over 500 sites using multiple DSL vendors and modems for this customer) that are being affected and when the modem is swapped out it works fine… put it back, and it is problematic again… it works, but wont pass traffic and generally broken.



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On 8/06/11 11:39 AM, "John Edwards" <john at netniche.com.au<mailto:john at netniche.com.au>> wrote:

Hi Skeeve,

Could be a coincidence, but there are some CPE modem/routers that lock up randomly when they receive IPv6 neighbour-discovery packets. This happens even though the modems are IPv4 only. My guess is that there's some latent IPv6 processing code in the linux-based kernels that references stripped-out code.

If IPv6 has been turned on today at a BRAS near you, it could be causing the fault.

These modem/routers include some popular models that are no longer getting firmware updates. I note that we tried to get the vendor to fix this when it was still being developed, only to be told "it works fine on Internode IPv6 with bridged mode".

For the near future dual-stack PPP aggregation best practice will still need to be per-user IPv6, or a separate login domain.


On 08/06/2011, at 10:47 AM, Skeeve Stevens wrote:
Just wondering if anyone else is seeing issues out there relating to these modems.

We've got a customer who has many (over 100) DSL tails using Telstra and the supplied modem from "2Wire". 2071A Gateway I think using sw ver

At the moment we're seeing a lot of sites lock up.. With their modems needing to be rebooted.

I am wondering if anyone else is seeing an issue… perhaps there is a vulnerability, or scan that is happening at the moment that others are experiencing.

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