[AusNOG] usb -> comm adapter

Chris lists at blackhat.bz
Wed Jul 20 14:16:53 EST 2011

On 20/07/2011 12:05 PM, James Troy wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>                 Just got a new laptop from work and it turns out they got me one with no comm. Ports, which makes it hard to console to just about anything, anyone got any recommendations/horror stories for the many different brand usb adapters?
> Replies off list are fine.
I have a couple of Prolific ones. The first one I got was DOA, the
second one is a bit better. It works MOST of the time but seems to bug
out every 20 mins or so which means I need to disconnect the adaptor
from the pc/connect again before the COM port starts working again. I
have not bothered troubleshooting it since most of the time I can do
what I need to do before it breaks. That being said, I am running an
older driver than the latest on the website so the issues may be fixed.

I am not sure on the exact model but the RS232 end has a semi
transparent blue casing and the USB cable is a clear shielded one about
20cm long and it was about $25 a couple of years ago.

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