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The AAPT looking glass does only carry a domestic table, not a full
international table. We will (finally) be replacing the AAPT looking glass
with a new one in the next month or so, and the new one will have a full

The traceroute issue that Matthew is seeing may be due to the traceroute not
finishing before the browser times out the request. For eg a traceroute to
www.google.com displays correctly because the target politely sends
unreachables. Whereas www.yahoo.com must sit behind a hop that silently
ignores the traceroute packets so the browser times out while the LG router
generates up to the 30th row of stars. For international destinations this
can also happen due to core networks (eg TNZI in the AAPT case) that do not
respond to traceroutes, so it takes some time before the traceroute pops out
the other side, adding to the delay the browser sees.

The new LG software (when we settle on one) will hopefully do a better job
of flushing the output from the router after each line of output, so the
user sees some feedback while it is running.


On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 5:35 PM, Matthew Moyle-Croft <mmc at internode.com.au>wrote:

>  Was just trying a traceroute.
>  MMC
>  On 09/08/2011, at 4:56 PM, Chris wrote:
>  What were you querying? I can't query address space I'm announcing in the
> UK, it returns as network not in table but the AU address space is
> fine....I'm assuming its due to this:
> "*The router does not have a global Internet routing table *but should
> have sufficent routing information to help our customers diagnose routing
> problems."
> On 9/08/2011 2:58 PM, Matthew Moyle-Croft wrote:
> Hi,
> Is the AAPT looking glass (http://looking-glass.connect.com.au) meant to still be working?  I can't seem to get any useful output from it.
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