[AusNOG] PXE boot with custom on the fly builds

Julian DeMarchi julian at jdcomputers.com.au
Thu Oct 28 12:47:29 EST 2010

> Have any of you had experience with using PXE to image linux and or windows servers on the fly but also including parameters like root / admin password + trigger latest updates + IP assignment ?

Cobbler + config management (puppet/cfengine) == bliss

Pretty much, cobbler will manage the whole process for you of pxe
installs for any RPM based distro. Not sure if it works for debian based
ones, but it could.

Cobbler will do alot more then pxe installs. It can do repo management,
custom pxe installs as you mention.

Windows you intergrate into a pxe environment using their new deployment
tools. I am no windows expert, so give you google-fu a good work out to
get your answers.


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