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Sean K. Finn sean.finn at ozservers.com.au
Wed Oct 27 12:43:17 EST 2010

I'm looking right at a munched up Rollover cable and a spare USB synch cable and thinking that this afternoon I might try to merge the two.. :)

The RS232 -> TTL converter looks like the hard bit, but I *DO* have a whole bunch of MAX-232 Chips sitting here that might do the job.. (Jaycar, 5 bucks).

Is the Apple side of things TTL ? 
(not time to live, TTL basically means 5 volt Microchip communications standard thing for the un initiated that does NOT resemble serial).


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Actually they're not - the article is not entirely correct.  They have finished the design, but Apple won't give their approval for them.  I actually looked at importing and distributing these myself earlier in the year.  The difference there is that they have the Apple authentication chip in them to let them enable the UART, and will have a proper app in the app store to do it.

My version requires jailbreaking to get hardware access and the appropriate OpenSSH/Minicom install.

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> These are available commercially btw. 
> http://www.slashgear.com/redpark-serial-cable-for-iphoneipod-t
> Or you could just munch up a USB Synch cable.
> S
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> > Hi,
> > I just finished something I thought some of you might be interested 
> > in; a usable serial port for an iPhone/iPad/iTouch.  All 
> iDevices have 
> > a serial port built into the dock connector, but it doesn't do 
> > anything useful out of the box.  All you need is a dock 
> connector, a 
> > 470kOhm resistor, some wire, a soldering iron, a console 
> cable and an RS232 -> TTL converter.
> Nice work!  I wonder if you'd get that through an airport 
> security checkpoint for a remote job, though? ;-)
> -a
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