[AusNOG] LimeLight Networks

Gavin Davis gavin at team.allegro.com.au
Tue Oct 19 11:16:14 EST 2010

Has anyone had issues recently accessing web sites that contain external content hosted at limelight networks? They have an office in Sydney [DNS -dns13.llnwd.net] 

Web sites that we have issues with large  gaming sites including gamespot.com.au steampowered.com

They peer directly with Telstra and originally they were blackholing all our  traffic from AS 18201 which they magically fixed after many weeks of emails to the support team

I now have a customer /24 route within our AS  which appears to be affected by the evil "reverse path forwarding" and I am having little or no luck geting traction with their support team.

And before you ask, the customer advertises material on these websites, they tell me they don't use it to play games all day!


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