[AusNOG] Brisbane gets "NBN" early??

Daniel Hooper dhooper at emerge.net.au
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Robots for installing fibre into sewers;



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Do you know how these clips are to be affixed to the side of the sewer(s)? As H2S and other "friends" like to eat anything and everything, it'd be interesting to know how they able to prevent the conduit from falling off the roof of the pipe and into the black / grey water.

On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 10:38 AM, John Lindsay <JLindsay at internode.com.au<mailto:JLindsay at internode.com.au>> wrote:
These little plastic clips are a key part of putting fibre in sewers.

The "pig" that travels through the sewer installing the blown fibre cable (2nd pic) anchors them to the top of the sewer with the plastic clips.  They moved to plastic clips after discovering that even stainless steel corrodes inside sewers.



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