[AusNOG] Brisbane gets "NBN" early??

Greg M gregm at servu.net.au
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I wonder if i3 are running 2 cores of fiber, and speeding their rollout up
through the use of hyperthreading? Seems like the Intel igent thing to do.




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Lets try that again..



In the article that you posted Brent


The deal with Brisbane-based multinational i3 Asia Pacific would provide
homes and businesses access to 100 megabits-per-second broadband, the same
speeds the federal Labor government plans to offer on its broadband network.

i3 would act as a wholesaler, providing broadband capability to existing
telecommunication retailers, such as Telstra and Optus

He said i3 Asia Pacific was rolling out a similar scheme for the whole of
Scotland and had successfully operated similar schemes in the United Kingdom
since 2002.

About 15,000 homes per month would be able to access the network after the
rollout begins.



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Supposedly rolling out from early next year.  No other details yet.  Anyone
know of the firm involved?

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