[AusNOG] G.9961 home networking in Australia

Terry Manderson terry at terrym.net
Tue Oct 12 23:01:24 EST 2010

Hi Richard (and in fact all others who have enquired about AusNOG Presos),

My apologies for not making these available sooner - every time I set aside some time to get the bulk of the presentations uploaded and linked to the presenters abstracts, that time seems to slip gracefully through my fingers.

Most of the presentations have now been uploaded and linked from the "AusNOG-04 Presentation and Speaker Biographies" page. The Lighting talks are also there (at the bottom) Including Paul's preso on G.hn.

There are still a couple presentations yet to be uploaded, I'm working on them. They turn out to be sufficiently large enough in file size that the AusNOG CMS needs to chew on them for a while. I'll advise when they are uploaded..

Obviously a couple presentations won't be made available due to their respective presenter's legal teams ensuring that nothing noteworthy gets into the wild ;-)

Cheers (and again my apologies)

On 12/10/2010, at 7:18 PM, Richard Pruss wrote:

> Someone gave a lightning talk and made the, for me, welcome claim that network over power
> has finally reach maturity and is good for use in homes and that there were working products
> on the Ausie market.  Can someone point me at who gave the talk, I am keen to track the product
> down and make my video delivery to the deck a little less prone to disruption by bad network weather.
> I looked at the Ausnog web site but the lighting talks are not listed.
> - Ric
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