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Apart from the transformers (rarely) dying, no problem here. 

The Cisco transformers & injectors are conveniently under 1RU in height, so nicely fit onto an enclosed 1RU tray to try to tidy things up. 

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But no one’s really had any issues witch patching poe via a patch panel? Regardless of the source, poe injector or poe swtich? 

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We used to use the seperate POE panels (for IPTel handsets) as the integrated Cisco switch was very expensive. The POE panels however were a pain due to the extra space they used and cabling. And if you over subscribed them they'd reset all the devices power. 

We just suck it up now and deploy POE switches as standard. Single device to manage and less rack and cables. POE switches are much much cheaper now too. 

The individual injectors were also a pain as the power packs would die randomly after a couple of years. 

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Hey Noggers, 

I’ve been thinking about how to make cabinets cleaner and neater and we use a lot of POE injectors so my plan to clean up the racks is this: 

· External cable runs get patched into a panel 

· 0.5m patches from the panel to the poe 

· 0.5m patches from the poe to the switch 

So my question is this, now it may seem a little dumb however: 

When using POE up to 48v is there any additional risks in using a patch panel? It’s another couple of break points in the run between devices and the switch, has anyone had any bad experiences at all using the above methods or any recommendations? 


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