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David Connors david at codify.com
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On 8 October 2010 10:49, James Andrewartha <trs80 at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au> wrote:

> Facetime currently doesn't work over 3G, only wifi. While this might
> change, I doubt LTE download quotas will be as large as NBN download
> quotas in Australia.

Same here - but the question is really around sufficiency.

> More generally, "Wireless and mobile" can still mean 802.11n fed by ADSL
> or FTTH NBN - don't confuse the final device hop with the last mile.

I don't think any reasonable technical person thinks of wifi when talking
about mobile.

> Imagine a house with two TVs streaming video over the internet - at say
> 6Mbps for each 1080p stream that's 5GB/hour. Australians watch 22
> hours/week of TV at the moment, so let's call that 80 hours a month, for a
> total of 420GB, just for TV. Do you think that will be affordable on any
> sort of 4G connection in the near future?

I have no idea how the pricing would stack up in the future however I don't
think it would make sense to use 4G to deliver TV. For that matter, I don't
know that spending $43bln to deliver TV would be a good idea either but that
topic has been done to death.

In 2007 I was paying Internode $70 a month for 10GB of data on DSL. Now you
can get 6GB of data over NextG out of Telstra (arguably not the cheapest ISP
in town) for $70. Yes, they are not equivalent. Yes, DSL has lower latency,

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out, but my gut feeling is
that minutes spent going cr4p on the Internet for the average resi user in
the future will be greater on iPads/IPhones/Android over mobile will be
greater than sitting in front of a PC/TV on fibre.

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