[AusNOG] Ans So It Begins

Kai vk6ksj at westnet.com.au
Wed Oct 6 10:14:56 EST 2010

Yep, he told us time and time again that it would NOT be illegal to circumvent the filter.
Tell me what other job in the world you can lie and backflip like this and keep your job?

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"The federal government has confirmed that circumventing the proposed internet filter could constitute a
criminal offence, and said it has not received any evidence suggesting the policy will lead to an increase in
encrypted internet traffic."

Maybe I'm just getting old-n-senile but I'd swear that previously we had been *very clearly* told that circumventing the filter would *not* be a crime.

- as an ISP failing to implement the filter is a criminal offence.
- as a customer circumventing the filter is a criminal offence
- giving advice on how to perform criminal acts is (I'd assume) a criminal offence
- so teaching people about ways to circumvent the filter is a criminal offence

I'd say that someone's been watching too many Simpsons episodes. 


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On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 4:57 PM, Andrew Judson <AJudson at internode.com.au> wrote:
> wow!
> "And it confirmed that most Australians roaming overseas would be filtered because in the end, their connections would go though a network in Australia."
> so glad I live in Australia, latency must suck OS


So is this just bad journalism or is Conroy's mental illness contagious?

Choice 1: route all my internet traffic via the corporate VPN from a
(for example) Verizon USB modem on the East Coast of the US and be
subject to Conroy's wishes.  Three weeks later, after my ACK to that
SYN+ACK, I'll have plenty of time to consider my next keystroke.

Choice 2: route only the 1918 prefixes via the VPN.

Move along.  Nothing to see here (apparently).

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