[AusNOG] Thought experiment: How would you manage 11 (or 100) million devices?

Richard Pruss ric at cisco.com
Tue Oct 5 17:46:25 EST 2010

The first thing than comes to my mind is a security model.
"Trust but verify." 

Given the 4th generation of iPhones still get jail broken, same for Sony PSP, XBox,
and I am sure the men working on those are far smarter than I, I think I understand that
end device security is probably a very, very hard problem.

So whatever stuff you get done in the end device that could have value (Multicast Channel Control, QoS or a charged service),
it would be wise to try use network features to try detect compromised devices and attempts at service theft.

On 05/10/2010, at 1:50 PM, Andrew Fort wrote:

> Amongst the clever folk I'm presently working with, this has been a
> recurring topic of conversation for some time.  We've had all sorts of
> ideas that I'd like to share, but first, I figure it's worth posing
> the question to operators.  So, here's a question for operators and
> tool developers on the list in particular:
> How would you go about managing (lets assume via IPvSomething, SNMP,
> TL1, CLIs, et al) 11 million devices? *   Assume that you need to
> gather performance stats, alerts, and configure the devices to do
> stuff.
> What sort of architecture would you build?  What technologies would
> you use?  What assumptions are you making?  What sorts of team
> structures and software development approaches would you use to do it,
> and to make sure that you have the skills locally (not in Canada, or
> where-ever else) to fix the inevitable problems?
> * 11 million devices is the number of nodes the NBN folks mentioned at
> AusNOG, but if you're thinking at this scale, you should be able to
> make your solution scale to 100 million, or a billion devices.  Be
> creative!
> Cheers,
> Andrew
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