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Awesome Mark.


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> ISP's really should have been moving years ago.  If you all had you
> wouldn't need to be deploying CGN's (either as NAT444 or DS-lite)
> as the majority of the world would have switched to IPv6.  As it
> is you have a entire world you need to switch over to IPv6 in under
> 2 years to avoid have to deploy CGN's.
> You really should have been ready to go native with IPv6 when the
> 6bone shutdown, 6/6/2006, or at least be starting to deploy IPv6.
> There was plenty that ISP's could have done but failed to do so.
> How many home routers today support IPv6?  Go to Harvy Norman, Dick
> Smith and the like and see.  Not very many.  They all should have
> IPv6 support by now if the industry had been doing the right things.
> As it is you have to convince you entire installed base to replace
> these boxes in the next 2 years.  Microsoft, Apple and the free OS
> vendors got this right and started shipping IPv6 ready boxes years
> ago.
> Did you go to the home router vendors and say "we will need you to
> be shipping IPv6 capable devices by MM/YYYY" and "they will need
> this minimal level of functionality".   Most home users don't know
> what they need so it really was not their job to ask for IPv6.  It
> should have been the ISP's job to make sure that their customers
> could get the equipment they will need before they know that they
> will needed it.  This is called planning.
> Do you have advice on your web pages stating to customers that they
> need to be buying IPv6 capable CPE equipment now?
> Do your web pages mention your IPv6 plans?
> Do you FAQ entries about IPv6?
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