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I am not talking about scaring people stiff...   I am suggesting more articles detailing just might happen if they don't start doing something now.

It isn't too late today... a few months won't be too late.... one year... yes... problems.

I am not saying ipv4 will be disappearing in a puff of smoke... but this is AusNOG... mostly supposedly to have ISPs and carriers... those who really need to be thinking about IPv6 today... not in 6 months time.


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I feel that a more effective tactic in getting enterprises over the line is not to scare them stiff but to help them with assessing the implications for their particular business.

When people are scared with no obvious way to escape, a reaction is often that of denial. On other hand if they are shown a way to *correctly and effectively* assess the danger *they are in* (which will vary widely, depending on the nature of a particular business - IPv4 isn't exactly going to disappear in a puff of a smoke at the hell's bell's toll), then you will effectively help them to put together a business case to do the necessary movements.

It is all about the money, by the end of the day.


-- Dmitri
On Sun, May 30, 2010 at 4:21 PM, Skeeve Stevens <Skeeve at eintellego.net<mailto:Skeeve at eintellego.net>> wrote:

Last week on our stand at CeBIT I spent a lot of time talking to many people about what we do...and IPv6 came up a lot.

The most frequent comments about IPv6 were:

- What is it?
- Is there really a need to look at it yet?
- They didn't have any customers asking for it
- We will be looking at it soon
- Not many providers offer it
- Telstra doesn't offer it - which means it isn't prime-time yet

But the biggest comment was:

- I know what it is, but I haven't heard much about it in the IT media, so we assume it isn't that important yet.

Which is why I now have a stronger opinion that ANY article talking about IPv6 - informational, hype, doomsday-like - are good things.  And the more articles, the more 'alarmist' in nature - the better.

Kevin, you'd rather show people the rewards and profits?  What profits? Apart from integration and selling people new hardware, there are no real profits in just 'having IPv6'.  Rewards?  The only reward is being in business in a couple of years time - the most important of all rewards - but you can't sell that.

APNIC, ISOC-AU, IPv6NOW (in this region) and other organisations have taken this softly softly approach for far too long and where is IPv6 adoption at? It is terrible considering how close we are to the ipv4 run-out.

This technology is critical to the Telco/carrier/isp/etc world continuing to operate... those who are responsible to handing out these recourses to the end users have, for the most part minus a few notables (such as Internode, Pipe), have made very little progress in deploying or making this technology widely available to the public/their customers.

Looking into my crystal ball I do see a time a year or so from now where Telstra/Optus/iiNet and Internode will most likely be telling all their customers and the general public about IPv6... at least I hope so.  But I am wondering that if that will be soon enough considering the amount of resources required to train all the support staff in the technology.

The only ISP that I know of - Internode - who is doing v6 prime-time, I assume has also internally trained a lot of their support staff.  Would Mark/Matthew or someone from Internode let us know where the company is with IPv6 knowledge amongst its front-line staff? (for curiosity and example purposes).

Internode, 'wherever they are' would have to be at the cutting edge of v6 awareness.... I hope. But my worry is that the other BIG ISPs in this country - Telstra, Optus, TPG, iiNET/Netspace, Exetel, Adam and others... how long will it take to get all their staff up to speed.... sales, support (including offshore), netops and so on.... and will it be done in time?

The big thing I hear from ISPs and alike at conferences is that 'no one is asking for it'.  Well, if articles that hype the issue of IPv6 up, bring awareness and hopefully cause them to start asking their ISPs, Integrators, local computer stores, and so on... great.... because all the soft talking so far has done very little to help to cause.

The time for softly softly is over. You (larger industry plural) have had your chance.


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> Hi Skeeve
>  >Problem is... doomsday articles are sometimes the only way to
> motivate
> people.
> Really?
> Surely self-interest is a far greater motivator. I don't think that you
> can use self-preservation as a motivator in this instance (see below).
> You have to show the rewards that are available that are otherwise
> unachievable with the current regime.
> >I believe the impact of Y2K was minimalised due to peoples preparation
> mostly due to the many
> >  doomsday hype articles.
> The accompanying exaggeration (and subsequent self-enrichment) is part
> of the reason why many
> non-IT industry insiders are justifiably sceptical of doomsday messages
> from the IT industry.
> And anyway the doomsday message is just not true.
> >  People are going to need something to move them to IPv6...
> >  and I really don't care how it happens.  Scare the crap out of them
> I say!
> I'd rather show people the rewards and the profits that are available.
> Regards
> Kevin
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