[AusNOG] SMH: "No room at the internet"

Nick Brown nick at inticon.net.au
Wed May 19 17:05:28 EST 2010

I don't know if stranded is the phrase I'd use - it's not exactly difficult
to work around that lack of v6 support in Plesk / cPanel. 


Based on the last cPanel webinar which somewhat suggested 'We went to a
conference, we found out that v6 is not actually make believe, now we are
going to do something' I would be doing whatever can be done as opposed to
continuing to wait for the vendor. Of course based on their track record its
likely v6 support will turn up sooner rather than later, but be buggy for
the following 12 months.





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I know a number of people who would be interested in the changes you've made
to cPanel, myself included. We've got thousands of websites stranded on v4
because of this abomination.


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On 19/05/2010, at 2:32 PM, Tim Warnock wrote:

> The bigger question is has anyone other than Internode deployed IPv6 in
> fashion (excluding Ethernet in colo) to users?

We have IPv6 on all flavours of our DSL and ethernet on request , but most
users remain somewhere between blissfully ignorant and arrogantly in denial.
There's a certain commodity modem/router out there that dies when it
receives ipv6 discovery packets on its PPP interface (probably due to ipv6
being stripped out of its linux-based kernel to save space), which may be a
showstopper for some. Vendor maintains that it works great in bridged mode
with Internode ipv6.

If anyone is interested, we also have some scripts to apply IPv6 to Cpanel,
so that it plays nicely with Cpanel's config-rewriting routines and software
updates. At the moment this works for web and exim email.

mail.ausnog.net sends this list via IPv6 [2407:9000:0:3:250:56ff:fe9e:409b]
if you have it :)

John Edwards

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