[AusNOG] Are you DNSSEC Ready?

Karl Kloppenborg karl at karltec.net
Sun May 2 14:19:48 EST 2010

Hey Noggers! 

With the DNSSEC roll date set to 5th of may (oh look, that's in three days!)

Are you ready?

I was a bit bored this morning and decided to pay a visit into some of my VM's with different providers and ran some DNS Resolver tests to see how everyone was **rigging** up with DNSSEC.
Some interesting results :D

Operating system of VM: Centos 
Number of VM hosts: 15
Command used to test: dig +short rs.dns-oarc.net txt
Number of hosts who were DNSSEC ready: 4
Number of hosts who were NOT DNSSEC ready: 11

To test if your resolver is DNSSEC ready issues the following command: dig +short rs.dns-oarc.net txt

Your results should be along these lines:
" sent EDNS buffer size 4096"
" DNS reply size limit is at least 4023 bytes"


The following result comes from a DSL router that does not support EDNS:

"X.X.X.X DNS reply size limit is at least 486 bytes"
"X.X.X.X lacks EDNS, defaults to 512"
IP Fragments Filtered

If you're behind a firewall that filters IP fragments, you can expect to see a reply size limit slightly less than 1400 bytes:

"X.X.X.X sent EDNS buffer size 4096"
"X.X.X.X DNS reply size limit is at least 1382 bytes"

I also tested this on a number of common modem brands including the new range of Netgear and DLINK, again a lot don't seem to be supporting DNSSEC.

So, what are we all doing about it? does everyone have a rollover plan?

Do tell :)

Karl Kloppenborg
Technical Director @ Karltec

P 02 8014 4253  EXT:104  | M 0438475892  |  www.karltec.net

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